Corporate Governance @ JUBII Europe

JUBII Europe N.V. endorses the importance of good corporate governance, which is understood to include honest and transparent acting on the part of management, correct supervision of this corporate governance and accepting responsibility for the supervision carried out. JUBII Europe applies the Dutch Corporate Governance Code, which was published by the Corporate Governance Commission on December 9, 2003, to most points.

JUBII Europe’s Management Board and Supervisory Board are responsible for weighing up the interests of the Company’s customers, suppliers, employees and capital providers among with interests of the shareholders. In doing this JUBII Europe’s boards strive to create shareholder value in the long term.

The corporate governance principles JUBII Europe employs are deposited in the Company’s Articles of Association, the By-Laws of its Management Board, the By-Laws of its Supervisory Board and other documents. JUBII Europe has a written code of business principles and a written whistleblowing policy.