Additional item for 24 May 2007 AGM

Shareholders of LYCOS Europe N.V. are hereby informed that one item has been added to the agenda of the Annual General
Meeting of Shareholders scheduled to be held on 24 May next. The extra item concerns “Authorisation of the Management
Board for divestments and acquisitions” and will be discussed after agenda item 7 as published earlier.
Copies of the addendum to the agenda and explanatory notes thereto are available for inspection, and can be obtained
free of charge, at the office of the Company in Haarlem (LYCOS Europe N.V., Richard Holkade 36, 2033 PZ Haarlem) as
well as at LYCOS Europe Investor Relations, Carl-Bertelsmann-Strasse 29, PO Box 315, D-33311 Gütersloh, Germany, and
at Deutsche Bank AG, TSS/GES, Post IPO Services, 60262 Frankfurt am Main, Germany as well as at BNP Paribas Securities
Services, Service des Assemblées, Immeuble Tolbiac, 75450 PARIS Cedex 09, France, and are also published on the
Company’s website (
All communications to the Company or the Management Board in connection with the foregoing must be addressed as follows:
LYCOS Europe N.V., Richard Holkade 36, 2033 PZ, Haarlem, the Netherlands. Email:

LYCOS Europe N.V.                                     Haarlem, the Netherlands, May 2007.
The Management Board